What do we Buy?

Square Records buys, sells and trades used CDs and vinyl records. To maintain the standard our customers have come to expect we are a little particular in what we buy. In vinyl we look for rock, jazz, blues, folk, and r&b from the 1960's to the present. We pay more for punk, psych, hip-hop, new-wave, or alt rock in good condition. If you would like to sell your unwanted CDs and records to Square please do so Tuesday through Saturday from 12-6.

Condition is key. If there are just a few surface marks on a record, it is generally ok. Please do not bother bringing in records with multiple scratches, mold, human waste, motor oil, and/or toxic bacteria on them. And even if they are in perfect condition, please don't bring in anything by New Kids on the Block. You don't want it and neither do we. It's ok to just throw them away.

In short, records that are in better condition by artists that are still relevant will result in more money for you. These same rules apply to CDs, but we generally only buy CDs that fit within the narrower genre outlines of Square's CD stock and new releases. Please note that there are so many variables to buying used music that there is no way that we can tell you the value without seeing the item in question.

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