Who do we Like?

Square Records
Beachland Ballroom and Tavern
- we sell tickets to all Beachland shows
Good Life Tattoo
- just your average, friendly neighborhood tattoo parlor
The Grog Shop
- we sell tickets to all Grog Shop shows
Pattern Based Records
- home of the band Low in the Sky and others
- we sell tickets to all Musica shows
Music Saves
- Cleveland's east side record store
Akron Film
- the folks behind the Akron Film Festival
Buzzbin Magazine
- arts, news, and entertainment
Social Dept.
- our t-shirt and stickers designers, top notch
My Mind’s Eye
- Cleveland's west side record store
Craft Akron
- a craft studio where you can take classes or just rent a sewing machine
The Bizarros
- Akron area band, now in their 5th decade
The Matinee/Mr. Zub's
- bar, food and music - they have it all
Tin Huey
- Akron area band, weird beards
Bark and Hiss Records
- record label and curiosities
The Black Keys
- you know these guys, they are from Akron too
The Lockview
- truly addictive grilled cheese sandwiches and beer selection
Actual Archives
- home of Gabe Schray and others
- our fashionable neighbors
Caffeinated Solutions
- designers of current site hotness